Defining the Renaissance Man

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  • Published : April 30, 2008
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Well Rounded

Has the term “Renaissance Man” changed in meaning? When I hear of someone being referred to as a “Renaissance Man”, I think of the time during the renaissance when Da Vinci, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, and the entire great true “Renaissance Men” were doing all of their great works. Then I think if the individual being referred is worthy of the title because in today’s world in order to be a Renaissance Man you must be a very well rounded individual. Devoting most of his or her energy to perfection without being a specialist or professional at any one skill. They must be athletic, artistic, and overall be very knowledgeable in all subjects.

The true renaissance men did incredible works of art, literature, and excelled in the art of war along with many other skills. In Addition, they also did all these incredible things during the fourteenth through seventeenth centuries. They were some of the most incredible people to walk the earth and now it seems that anyone and everyone are being called renaissance men. Only a select few individuals should ever be called renaissance men and they lived along time ago. The Sistine Chapel in just one amazing piece of art in Florence, Italy that was done by Michelangelo and it took him four long years of painting. Even though he considered himself a perfectionist in sculpting. Being well rounded is close to being a renaissance man but as the old saying goes, “Close, but no cigar.” Which basically means being well rounded is close to being a renaissance man but not really because being well rounded is nothing compared to doing an awesome painting while being a perfectionist in sculpting.

Athletic, Artistic, skilled in literature, war, agriculture, and every subject of science and math are some of the requirements in being a true devoted Renaissance man. It is very challenging but should come very natural to the individual these great gifts have been stowed down to. Only a few individuals should ever be called...
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