Defining Moments/Saikz

Topics: Mifepristone, Abortifacient, Medical abortion Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: January 16, 2011
Findings and Assessment - Crafting a successful strategy is a defining moment. FINDINGS: Edourd Sakiz’s decision concerning RU 486 represents a complex type of right vs. right defining moment (Badaracco 1998). He had to choose among many compelling responsibilities: to his conscience, shareholders, employees, women, physicians, scientists, as well as to the unborn. Perhaps the most challenging of these were the responsibilities that a company shares with other groups in society (Badarraco 1997). Siakiz’s high personal integrity shrouded his shrewdness and cunning. ASSESMENT: With strong hidden leadership, Sakiz mobilized critical stake holders to his position. He simultaneously arranged RU486 distribution and satisfied the needs of essential participants. Saikz negotiated a successful future for himself and his drug.

This report will begin with a summary of the key facts, and then analyze the issues that display Sakiz's creative strategy as he optimized the outcome. It will conclude with an update on the state of RU486 distribution, which was cast in Sakiz’s original defining moment decision. Key Facts- Conflicts are created by responsibilities that stand in opposition.

In 1988, the senior management of Roussel-Uclaf had to decide where and how to market a new abortion drug, RU 486. Although committed to the drug, Edouard Sakiz had important obligations to his various stakeholders. Initial revenues from the drug were likely to be quite small. At the same time, antiabortion groups would press for a boycott of products made by Roussel-Uclaf and Hoechst, the largest shareholder. A successful boycott would cost the two companies far more than they would earn from RU 486. Sakiz was at the center of a network of responsibilities to important groups and institutions. The French government owned 36 percent of Roussel-Uclaf, and the French Ministry of Health closely regulated the company. The French government supported RU 486 on the basis of women’s rights....
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