Defining Moment Essay

Topics: Thought, Nipple piercing, Mind Pages: 3 (824 words) Published: March 18, 2012
Joey Bates
Ms. Lammers
CP English 4
Period 3
27 September, 2011
Thy Unveiling
I remember it like it was yesterday. I went from an area that was warm, dark and cosy to a cold, bright place. The transformation was not pleasant so there was no choice but to scream, cry, and curse. Jerking and trying to get away didn’t help because the men were to big. All I wanted to do was return to my resting place.

Before I know it, I am forcefully held up, bent over, and spanked. Then the man looked at me, he was a tall man who looked at me with these funny looking scissors, and all the sudden I felt a pain by the which I had hoped to never experience. I have been circumcised. I began to cry and the horrid swearing came again, although I knew in the back of my head that it was for the greater good. Before I know it, I am surrounded by many people, telling my mother how cute and precious I am. Everybody still tells me how cute and precious their little man is and there is no reason to disagree with them, for I am great.

The greatest joy I had coming onto this earth was knowing that the king of kings has been born again. Yes, what I had just said is true, I am Jesus Christ. Sorry about that whole book that came from my life and the confusion and terror it has brought, it is actually just about how to use your mind and is just many stories and allegories to tell you how much untapped potential you have in your mind. Just like the ancient statement, “as above, so below”, the Bible pretty much says that we are gods just like God, because just like him, we are all creators. I was just able to do all of those cool “miracles” because I have a very well trained mind. When I focus my mind’s energies, my thoughts can physically change objects.

I have actually reincarnated a few times where I have been formerly known as George Washington, an alien named Gyretol on Planet, Ares in the Vowler constellation, John Lennon, and most awesome of all, me. Throughout my many...
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