Defining Human

Topics: Natural environment, Human, Science Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Defining Human
How do we define "human?" This is a question that has become more difficult to answer day by day. With technological advances, the line between human and non-human has become blurred. In the movie Blade Runner, the distinct question of whether or not replicants can be classified as humans arises. The replicants are colons of humans, therefore, their behavior and actions are alike to those of humans. Nevertheless, these replicants do lack certain characteristics such as not having empathy, which was explained in the movie. However, a characteristic that makes a human a human is the desire to change the environment they live in.

The human characteristic of wanting to shape the environment plays in part to where humans are on top of the "world ladder." Humans are capable of shaping the world to where humans are more likely to be ahead. Humans are able to control their surroundings. They are able to control such things as animals, land, and to a certain extent, science. Humans are able to keep dogs and cats as house animals, and they are able to keep tigers and giraffes in zoos. They are even capable of making ponds and rivers; and they are capable of making vaccines and medicine to defy problems caused by science. Replicants would be able to construct such things and would be able to have animals as pets, etc.; however, their minds would not work to the extent to where they would think of doing these things if these certain ideas and behaviors weren't instilled in them because of their lack of compassion and understanding. Also, animals are closely related to humans in many ways; but humans have still been able to have control over animals. Humans are able to keep animals captive, they are able to tranquilize them, and they are even able to minimize or maximize their environment. The human characteristic of shaping their environment to be in their advantage is a human only characteristic.

Humans also desire to shape the environment to be...
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