Defining and Knowing Your Customer

Topics: Customer service, Technical support, Operating system Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: June 24, 2012
The various external customers found in computer support include customers and users of hardware and software retail vendors or corporations who have purchased products and services (Beisse, 2010). Regardless of the service or product sold, the customer or client is vital to the business because without the customer or client, the business would not exist (Beisse, 2010). End user and customer support can include assistance with purchases, needs analysis, installations, technical troubleshooting, training of computer systems and procedures, and locating information for users (Beisse, 2010). The level of service provided for each of these is determined by the level of knowledge and experience a user or customer has, which are categorized by their environment, skill level, frequency of use, software used, features used, and relationships (Beisse, 2010). End users or customers need a variety of support to help maintain effective and efficient productivity levels (Beisse, 2010) . Whether a client, customer, end user, guest, or member of a support service or retail product vendor, computer support resources are a must to maintain productivity (Beisse, 2010). Some of these resources include hardware and peripherals, hardware maintenance and upgrades, applications and operating system software, software maintenance and upgrades, data and information, supplies, and technical support (Beisse, 2010). Clients of customer support services expect a level of service that not only keeps them operating at an efficient level, but that also provides timely resolutions of technical issues with the most respectful, empathetic, polite, knowledgeable, and professional treatment. Customers of product sales expect to be listened to attentively, provided with the information relevant to their needs, treated respectfully and professionally, and to know that they have the support needed on product purchases. All external customers regardless of their needs, expectations, and level...
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