Defining Abnormality

Topics: Religion, Behavior, Human behavior Pages: 4 (1191 words) Published: July 11, 2011
Abnormal behavior comes from many different backgrounds of all ages, cultures and religions. Abnormal Psychology is made of all different factors and within those factors branch out into the abnormal behavior that is so many people. Personality is what shapes behavior and the cultural around a person no matter what age or religion can affect a person to start with abnormal behavior. In this paper one will find that age, cultural and religion does play a factor defining what abnormality is about. What is normal and what is abnormal behavior? Age

Age is a huge factor in abnormal psychology and in defining and determining if there is normal or abnormal behavior being used. As we grow up and get older we change and we act differently, our age is a huge factor because with age we learn more and more and act differently and this can make our behaviors different as well and that is why age is a challenge to knowing if behavior is normal or abnormal. There are many challenges in determining normal from abnormal but age is definitely a big one and is looked at and considered before clarifying if a behavior is normal or abnormal. When looking at someone’s behavior and trying to distinguish if it is normal or abnormal we must look at their age as well. Behaviors that might be abnormal at one age group might not be abnormal in a different age group (, N.A.). Someone who is an adult and in their thirties is less likely to act immature or childish, it is not normal, compared to someone who is seven and a child still. If an abnormal behavior is found then age is looked at, if this child has an abnormal behavior will he or she grow out of it as they age or do they need help? These are a few things they look at and think about when age is involved. Age also determines whether or not a certain behavior can be trouble in the future. When trying to diagnosis someone’s behavior it is harder at a younger age and the age really needs to be looked...
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