Define the Three Different Skills That Managers Need

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Question: Define the three different skills that managers need, and then describe the type of skills a senior marketing manager at a university should display.

Managerial skills are very important in managerial work as it promotes a more productive working environment. There are three main skills that managers ought to have: Technical skill, Human skill and Conceptual skill. Technical skill is having the knowledge and skills to perform proficiently on a specific task. In this 21st Century, technical skill is closely related to computer literacy and keeping up with the technology. Human skill is the ability to cooperate, communicate and maintain a good relationship with others. Lastly, conceptual skill is the ability to analyze and come out with creative problem solving solutions. All levels of manager should display all three of the managerial skills. However, the importance of each skill depends on the level of the manager. A senior marketing manager is considered a middle level manager hence he should display all these skills equally. As for technical skills, he will need to have a good grasp of the social behavior of individuals in order to come out with an effectively marketing technique that will attract students especially after the earthquake (e.g., giving out scholarships and improving the services offered in the university). Human skill is needed to efficiently run the marketing department. He needs to be able to delegate tasks, cooperate and motivate his staff. Lastly, conceptual skill aids the senior marketing manager to think analytically and with foresights when solving problems faced by the university especially after the earthquake, e.g. students leaving for other universities and reduction in the number of international students.

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