Define the Manager Terrain

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MGT B240

Unit 2
Defining the manager’s terrain


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Overview Introduction The manager: Omnipotent or symbolic? The organization’s culture What is organizational culture? The relationship between culture and management practices Strong vs. weak cultures Summary

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The environment
Defining the environment The specific environment The general environment Summary

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Managing in a global environment
Managing in a foreign environment The changing global environment The legal-political and economic environments The cultural environment Summary

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Social responsibility and managerial ethics
What is social responsibility? Managerial ethics Toward improving ethical behaviour Business ethics in Hong Kong and other countries Summary

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The decision-making process and limits to rationality
The decision-making process The rational decision maker Limits to rationality Bounded rationality The role of intuition Summary

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Problems and decisions


Analysing decision alternatives
Decision-making styles, biases and errors Summary

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Group decision making


Unit summary Suggested answers to the self-test questions Suggested answers to the case study questions References

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Unit 2


Unit 2 is a survey of the terrain of managers. It provides you with a general understanding of the constraints and conditions facing managers when they perform their functions. Together with Unit 1 it provides a general introduction to the field of management and forms the foundation for your understanding of management. This unit is divided into ten sections. The first section is an analysis of the omnipotent vs. the symbolic view of managers. This clarifies the extent to which managers should be responsible for the performance of their organizations. The second section discusses concepts in organizational culture and how organizational culture is an internal constraint influencing managers’ action. The third and fourth sections take a wider perspective and examine organizations within the context of their environment. The third section discusses general and specific environments as external constraints on managerial actions. The fourth section deals with the global environment and the major concerns about managing in a foreign environment. The fifth section deals with the issue of social responsibility and managerial ethics. It provides you with an understanding of the concepts and arguments involved and a brief comparison between business ethics of managers in Hong Kong and the United States. The last few sections cover important topics and concepts about decision making — the essence of the manager’s job. The sixth section deals with the decision-making process from the viewpoint that managers have to compromise between the ideal of rational decision-making and limits imposed by reality. The seventh section distinguishes between wellstructured problems and ill-structured problems and the corresponding type of decisions that can be used to solve them. The eighth section differentiates certainty, risk and uncertainty decision conditions. The...
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