Define and Explain Branding Principles with Examples

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  • Published: March 26, 2013
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Define and explain Branding principles with examples?
Principle # 01
One most common mistake that marketing and advertising people do is that they say a lot through their ads. so keep it simple so it remains in mind of consumer for longer period of time. because one big idea is best. Example:-

1. Subway focus on health
2. Nestle on health.
3. Nike say just do it
4. Addidas say impossible is nothing.
5. Gulahmad of high class
6. Sana safina quality lawn for summers.
7. Daewoo express provide safe and timely journey.
On average one person is hit by 500-1000 ads in one day. consumer cannot saturate all of them. It should be personal and simple means talk about consumer, tell how customer can get maximum benefit through it. Principle # 02

This rule builds the brand. its difficult to build brand only through advertising. its important to build advertising and public relation side by side. many dots and cons fails to build brand. those who survived only through media, public relations and word of mouth. PUBLIC RELATION ACTIVIST:-

1. Paid documentaries by baharia town.
2. GEO news.
3. News on facebook on launching new brands.
4. Promotion in magazines before brand comes i.e. tooti fruit in nation magazine 5. Can feed news to the media, write about the elements.
6. Photography
Result of activist is not predictable i.e had good HR.
RED BULL doing PR activities around the globe not spending much on ads but on PR. Principle # 03
Focused on that point which is its strength,on which brand is powerful.because that point consumerwi ll not forget. Broadly define traits of your brand either it is
Narrow down list to define your brand.
NIRALA initially was a local business but now national brand in sharjah and dubai. CHAMMAN initially was in Lahore now in different cities i.e Islamabad,multan,Karachi. MASOOMS in Lahore Karachi and multan.

SHAAN MASALA was local brand but now it is international one. STARBUKS harward idea in mid 1980 to create chain of coffee houses. TOY R US initially just they store on small scale; now leading kids store for toys; video games; dolls; action figures. Belong to different nice but being focused and different is best. scattered messages on too many traits ;rather be focused on single/few traits is in effective way. One cannot be every thing to every one.

One have to get in to mind of consumers; scattered message is not effective. Principle # 04
If you can’t be different then make it different. what make your company and your product different from the compotators. EXAMPLES:-
1. Balli ki chay:-sitting environment is different; for hanging out for boys. 2. Gans ink:- making ink; they differentiated by putting chocolates in packaging of ink to attract consumer. 3. Pepsi give shaan tikka masala to attract customers.

4. Frozen yogurt differentiated as it is replacement of ice-cream and low sugar having less calories. Principle # 05
Its not about the quality of the product or the size of the marketing budget.most often its not about being the first one.being first in mind not in market. Examples:-
1. Coke is first carbonated.
2. Polaroid was the first instant developing camera.
3. Fedex was first company of ship packages overnight across the US. 4. Lado marka first cloth wasing soap.
5. Haleeb sab sa garha doodh first tetra pak.
These companies and their products succees in being the first to gain space in our mind.when first gain advantage then other stand its behind and by doing better marketing they can beat compition in consumer view. But what if u not # 01?

Strong 2nd is not a bad in buyers like choices.if you have a choice to become 2nd in market;compete hard against leader and...
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