Deferred Dreams

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Martha Garner
Professor Austin
College Writing II
26 March 2013
Deferred Dreams Essay #2 Rough Drafts
When you take one look at a person what is it that you see? Is it there outfit, their hair, or do you not even see them at all because you let the things you hear not allow you to do so. Although America is filled with different ethnicity of people and people who face different financial, social, and mental differences one thing that we all can relate to is having a dream. Yet as we transform into a toddler to an adult are dreams may shift from wanting to be an epitome of a princess to the president of the United States. But nevertheless it’s a dream. And dreams today are the driving force of America. But what if out of nowhere you realized your dream is just too far out of your reach. You realize that there no way you can achieve this any time soon. Do you just stop? Do you just follow the same path as someone before you? Or do you just find an easy way out? Both plays “I Am Not Batman” by Marco Ramirez and “This Property Is Condemned” by Tennessee Williams relate to each other on so many levels. Each character has a dream and due to their family situation they have trouble achieving them. But the crazy thing is no one is stopping them but their selves. Tennessee Williams’s play “This Property is Condemned” expresses that hard times and non-pleasurable feelings will cause a person to do things they never imagined themselves doing in the first place. In addition, I state this because Alva who is Willie’s older sister slept with all the railroad men, including engineers, firemen, and conductors. Basically any man who came across there little boarding house, she slept with, according to her little sister. But I believe it wasn’t for self-pleasure, in fact I believe that Alva saw this as one of the easiest ways to provide for her and her little sister Willie since there mother ran out on them and their father shortly after did the same. For instance Willie...
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