Deferential Politics and Society in Colonial America

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Lecture 8: Deferential Politics and Society in Colonial America

I. England’s Government in the Colonies
A. Structure
-By the 1740’s they have all become Royal Colonies
-B/c the societies are part of the British society, anything starts with the king
-King appoints governors b/c he isn’t there
-People respect royal governor’s b/c of their love for the king
-King creates an economic environment that allows the colonies to thrive & he protects them with his troops
-King had been chosen by God to rule? Develop concept called popular sovereignty…ppl rule
-Most of the colonist are middlin sort, middle class
-For most colonist ppl referred to as white male property holders they got to vote & hold office
-Parliament has the majority of the authority as to what it is the colonist are supposed to be doing
-Whole point of the colonial system is to make $ for England B. Mercantilism
-Finite amount of wealth in the world
-Believed wealth could only be measured in gold & silver
-Only 2 ways to get it: (make $ if you’re a nation)
Trading- have to export more than you import, have a positive balance of trade
Take it
1st step is to make a colony- colonies are a captive market, make it so we can buy it & sell it to the rest of the world
2nd step- use money to bring up army to protect colony, if conflicts go on for too long you run out of $, so get more colonies!
Purpose of mercantilism is to enrich the mother country, failure it creates huge empires that are costly
-They are limited to colonialism, it weakens your enemies

C. Royal Presence
-Parliament is much more interested in trade than violent expansion, pass 2 sets of laws on American colonies
-Navigation acts- controls the trade in/out of 13 colonies, stipulates that all goods shipped out of the colonies have to be shipped on boats that are owned by the British & sailors are composed of Englishmen

-Enumeration Acts- Limits what the...
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