Defense System of Pakistan

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Defense of Pakistan
Table of Contents
Contents| Pg.No|
Introduction | 01|
Over view| 02|
Introduction to Pakistan defense| 03|
Pakistan army | 04|
Pakistan air force| 05|
Pak Navy| 06|
ISI| 07|
Atomic power| 08|
Manufacturing industry of weapon in Pakistan| 09|
Space and satellite program| 12|
Defense college| 13|
Weapons | 14|
Wars | 16|
Conclusion | 17|

List of figure
Defense system logo | 2|
SSG (Army) | 3|
Team (gold medalist)| 4|
Pak air force| 5|
Pak navy ,MM Alam| 6|
ISI| 7|
Dr.A Qadeer| 8|
HIT| 9|
Command and staff college Quetta| 13|
Shaheen ,ghoari,| 14|
F16,JF thunder 17,al-khalid| 15|
Al-zarrar,T-80,| 16|
1948,1965 wars| 17|
Kargil | 18|
Pakistan flag| 19|

General Research about the Defense System of Pakistan


Student Name_________________ (1) M FAHIM KHAN

Student Number_______________0344-8962062

Letter of Memorandum & Transmittal

  * Authorization
  * Transmittal Details
  * Background Methodology
  * Highlights
  * Courteous Ending

This project has been authorized by “SIR KHALID MAHMOOD” to make general research about the current defense system of Pakistan and to analyze the different organizations which built up the whole structure of this system.

Transmittal Details:
Date of Allocation: May 12, 2011
Time Duration: 6 weeks
Date of Submission: Jun 29, 2011
Presentation Date: July 02,2011

1st Projects

Background Methodology
* Project Name: Defense System of Pakistan

Techniques / Tools:

  * Internet
  * Books
  * Personals


Major Wars
  * War of 1965
  * War of 1971
  * Kargil War

Our Defense System Comprises:


  (1) Pakistan army

  (2) Pakistan Air force

(3)Pakistan navy

Courteous Ending
This project is dedicated first of all to our Dear senior ” SAAD IQBAL SAHEED” and our dear friends , who facilitate us during the whole course of time while doing research. This was a good platform to understand the structure of Defense System of Pakistan.

Executive Summary:
Pakistan military is the seventh largest military in the world and they have a capability to defeat any one in any place. Pakistani the first Islamic and seventh world country to do atomic test successfully.


First of all we have to know that what is defense?
Militry action or resources protecting a country against potential enemies is called defense. Early time of people was haven’t any defense and they was no idea about this but as time passes when they divided in nations than they feel to protect their ownership so defense is created.


Glance to Independence of Pakistan:
Pakistan was not gifted to us on a golden platter. It was not an easy and simple task to attain a separate homeland for the Muslims of undivided India. The Muslims of United India had little or no say in important decision making policies of British India. 23rd March 1940 was indeed a very important day when the muslim of india united and they feel to protect their civilization and culture. In the light of showing this defense in 14 august 1947 pakistan came into being.The heroes of freedom decided to make this country very strength and powerful and they started their best hard working and shin it like a star on the horizon. as we know that from freedom time our relation with india is not so good so our freedom heroes decided to make a military. Joining of Pakistan militry is of two types one is as a general soldier and another one as a officer. for...
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