Defense System of Pakistan

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Defense of Pakistan

General Research about the Defense System of Pakistan
By: Faheem Jamal

Project Report

Student Name_________________Faheem Jamal
Student Number_______________1431-111-023

Letter of Memorandum & Transmittal

* Authorization
* Transmittal Details
* Background Methadology
* Highlights
* Courteous Ending

This project has been authorized by Miss. Ayesha Kashif to make general research about the current defense system of Pakistan and to analyze the different organizations which built up the whole structure of this system.

Transmittal Details:
Date of Allocation: Feb 17, 2011
Time Duration: 16 weeks
Date of Submission: May 26, 2011
Presentation Date: May 26-- June 02 (2011)

1st Projects

Background Methodology

* Project Name: Defense System of Pakistan
Techniques / Tools:
* Internet
* Books
* Personnals


Major Wars
* War of 1965
* War of 1971
* Kargil War

Our Defense System Comprises:

* Pak-Army

* Pakistan Navy

* Pakistan Airforce

Courteous Ending
This project is dedicated first of all to my Parents and my dear friend Amir Rashid, who facilitate me during the whole course of time while doing research. This was a good platform to understand the structure of Defense System of Pakistan.

Executive Summary

Contents of Report
* Content
* Table of Content
* Table of tables
* Index
* Title

Table of Content


Glance to Independence of Pakistan:
Pakistan was not gifted to us on a golden platter. It was not an easy and simple task to attain a separate homeland for the Muslims of undivided India. The Muslims of United India had little or no say in important decision making policies of British India. 23rd March 1940 was indeed a very important day because that day the Lahore Resolution of Qarardad-e-Lahore was signed to pave the way for an independent Muslim state. The Qarardad-e-Pakistan was the formal political statement adopted by the Muslim League in its three-day session from 22-24 March 1940.

Unity is Strength
Knowledge is Power
Attitude is Everything

Pakistan Military History
India and Pakistan have fought three declared wars and many undeclared wars of proxy or low intensity wars. This article is a brief analysis of the essence of these wars at the strategic and operational level. 1947-48 Kashmir War

The 1947-48 War was an improvised war fought on an adhoc basis. It began with some tangible operational strategy and little definite strategy on the Pakistan side and a definite operational strategy on the Indian side. At the onset Mr Jinnah the Governor General of Pakistan ordered the British Acting C in C Pakistan Army to order two brigades into Kashmir, * The Sialkot-Jammu Axis

* Murree-Muzaffarabad-Srinagar-Axis.
This was a tangible plan based on a precise strategy of severing Indian landward and aerial lines of communication to Kashmir. The plan was rendered null and void since the Britisher refused to obey Jinnah’s order. This was followed by a hastily scrambled series of actions with regular Pakistan Army officers leading irregulars, irregulars besieging Indian/Dogra garrisons and conducting mini-wars against Chamb, Naushera, Srinagar, Skardu, Leh etc. In April 1948 the regular Pakistan Army entered the scene. At this stage the Indians were in a strategically disadvantageous position. Leh being cut off, Poonch besieged, Skardu besieged, Naushera threatened etc. At this stage the Pakistani strategy was to contain Indian Army advance towards Muzaffarabad, capture Poonch and safeguard Pakistan’s soft underbelly opposite Gujrat. No one at this stage thought of a ceasefire, which would have been of great strategic advantage to Pakistan. The Indians conceived a fine plan to outflank...
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