Defense of Marriage Act

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  • Published : April 26, 2007
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Why is the Defense of Marriage Act important to our society? The Defense of Marriage Act is an act that was passed in 1996, making it illegal for the federal government to recognize same sex marriages. The sanctity of marriage between a man and woman should be protected because children need a male and female role model in their lives, children will start to be taught that homosexuality is actually a good thing, and it will keep the traditional definition of marriage in tact. Being exposed to both the male and female sex, is important to the developmental needs of children because it helps them form their sexual identity. Being raised by parents of the same sex can make a difference in the way the child is developed. Even newborn infants can distinguish the differences between a male and female. A study by Susan Turrell found that relationship violence was a significant problem for homosexuals. Forty-four percent of gay men reported having experienced violence in their relationship; 13 percent reported sexual violence and 83 percent reported emotional abuse. (vol 13, pp 281-293). A researcher named Henry Biller and written several books on this topic: Even if the father and mother behave in generally similar ways, they provide contrasting images for the infant ... Mothers and fathers have different verbal styles when communicating ... Involved fathers are more likely to stimulate the infant to explore and investigate new objects whereas mothers tend to engage their infants in relatively pre-structured and predictable activities ... The father and mother offer the child two different kinds of persons to learn about as well as providing separate sources of love and support. (Fathers: A Diverse Group) If heterosexual marriage remains protected, children will at least have the benefit of stabilized familial relationships. The state of California passed a bill that requires students to learn what homosexuals have contributed to our society. Karen England, executive...
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