Defense of Liberty

Topics: Islam, Qur'an, Muhammad Pages: 6 (2456 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Kenneth Austin
Tammy Philips
ENGL 1301
6 July 2012

The Defense of Liberty

The most heinous of crimes are those committed by those who are your loved ones. The practice of killing a family member for the honor of the family (Honor Killing) is repulsive. Muslims commit 91% of all Honor Killings. One tenant of the basic human rights is that all persons have the right to live. The existence of a belief system that allows one person to have control of life and death over anyone else’s needs to be amended or eliminated. While stationed in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, I witnessed my first act of inhumaneness. There is a stop light in front of a crosswalk, the light turns red and a woman starts to cross the road. Then the light turns green, all the cars take off, and one driver runs over the woman with his car, only stopping because she is wedged underneath it. While waiting for the police to show up, the Egyptian man stated that, it was Allah’s will that she died. As a American taught that a person is responsible for their actions, I did not understand moving the blame to God. I stated that she died because you chose to run her over. His response was he was not responsible; she died because it was Allah’s will. I tried to argue with him, but he was not going to take responsibility for this. To my surprise, the police’s official response was also that it was Allah’s will. This has made me wonder about the world of Islam ever since. The lack of respect for life in Islam leads to killing for God as an acceptable practice. The Qur’an and Hadith (book of accounts written by those who were witness to the Prophet) do not forbid Honor Killing. The methods of conviction and punishment are in the Hadith for violations against their religious law. The punishments for adultery and fornication with a non-Muslim carry the death penalty for women and lashes from a whip for men. Not civil but religious authorities carry out the punishments to restore the families’ honor. Honor Killing is condoned or at least tolerated in every Islamic nation in the world. The punishments for Honor Killing range from no punishment to two years in confinement. It is not viewed as a crime to make those under your charge submit to your authority by any means necessary. To understand the practice of Honor Killing we have to look at the source of the practice. I have found Honor Killing is an ancient practice from the earliest times, well before the creation of Islam. The practice is as much a cultural practice as a religious one. The practice made the transition from personal honor to religious honor and the authority is now in the Qur’an. The punishments under Islamic or Shari ’a law are carried out in a much different fashion that the western idea of courts and punishments. There are no courts, as we perceive them; the accused appear in front of the religious leaders. All of the crimes are crimes against the Shari ’a law, the state law is not involved until someone’s death. Most Islamic states are just a national version of the local Shari ’a law or vice versa. Then most all of the perpetrators are set free or receive very short sentences. To understand this practice we have to find the source of the practice. The Islamic Prophet Mohammad lived from 570 CE until 632 CE. The angel Gabriel appeared to Mohammad in a cave outside Mecca, Saudi Arabia and recited the Qur’an from the years of 610 CE until 632CE. The Qur’an contains 114 chapters called suras and they are arranged by length not in chronological order. Islam also uses something called Abrogation, which nullifies previous verses. Abrogation is the term used when the new messages from Allah changed a verse that was previously given. This can lead to confusion and used as a way to deceive non-Muslims. The Qur’an teachings about women are at best Patriarchal and much worse, consider women as chattel. They have almost no rights under the Shari ’a Law...
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