Defense Mechanism Paper

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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You are getting defensive again
The Ego and the Mechanism of defense, Freud.
Have you ever felt the urge to eat food even though you are not hungry but you are nervous and anxious about something? For some people anxiety means biting your nails or eating food or for others it means the excessive thought about your desires because of how you are feeling. Freud’s description on types of personality describes anxiety as an unbalance of your ID personality. His theory of defense mechanism has to do with his knowledge of the types of personality each individual have. The Id represents the urges and desires your body wants to have immediately. Ought to matter how you get it, the ID just asks for the desire in an unconscious level with not thinking about the consequences. However the Id lets the Ego know what it wants from you. The Ego is the part of your personality that makes you think before you act with a logical sense of the situation. The ego prevents from doing something dangerous cause it makes you see the danger in the situations. It prevents you from being unreasonable on your decisions to satisfy your needs. However, even though the ego can make you think reasonably, the super ego helps the ego think what is right and wrong in a situation. The ego makes us think about ourselves and how we can get what we want no matter if it’s unjust to other people. The Super Ego is based on how each person has been raised and what they think it’s right and wrong. Religion can be a big influence in this part of personality. And since the ID wants to please your desires no matter if your causing harm, damage, or evil things, the Super ego helps you to control yourself and not do the wrong action by achieving on getting what you want. Freud’s theory started when he began to question what would happen If the system wouldn’t be balance? What if the ID would be stronger than the Ego in a person’s personality? And that’s why according to him, he thinks that “the...
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