Defending Cigarette Smoking

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  • Published : November 27, 2007
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My reaction paper is based on the relevancy of smoking and how it affects today's society. Smoking is something that is introduced to everyone at a very young age, whether it is a relative or complete stranger, children see smoking in everyday life. In thank you for smoking the main character Nick Naylor spends the majority of the movie defending cigarette smoking. Everyone realizes that cigarette smoking is not good for you and for this reason most people do not partake in the habit. So why do people start smoking people would ask? Cigarettes are an addictive drug, and once most people start the habit of cigarette smoking it stays with them. It is also so advertised and available that most people just see people smoking and pick it up. It starts early, as well when a friend offers you a cigarette and you accept is the starting point. Most people have the first cigarette and think this isn't that bad and kinda makes me feel a little relaxed. So the next time anyone offers you'll be more prone to accepting of if you see a group you go ahead and join in. This example of conformity is exactly why cigarette smoking spreads. I believe that to defend cigarettes one would have to have very loose morals. In my opinion that the defense of a product that causes a variety of health issues that sends so many people to their own grave is quite disgusting. Cigarettes will always be a drug that can cause damage to people's bodies but they are also always going to be available. I personally will never condone smoking to anyone for the simple fact that I couldn't say to anyone "go ahead smoke it's not bad for you." I could say I wouldn't smoke because it can cause health problems. Most people are not naïve though and know that smoking can kill. Cigarettes could have a million warnings, they could have a warning paper that smokers would have to sign before purchasing each pack that wouldn't throw them off from doing it. Cigarettes are a drug and people are addicted. Cigarettes...
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