Defence Equipment Trading in India

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Defence Equipment Trading in India

By | August 2012
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Defense equipment trading in India.

The Indian Armed Forces (Devanāgarī: भारतीय सशस्त्र सेनाएं,Bhāratīya Saśastra Sēnāēn) are the military forces of the Republic of India. They consist of the Army, Navy and Air Force, supported by three paramilitary forces(the Coast Guard, Assam Rifles, and Special Frontier Force) and various inter-service institutions such as the Strategic Forces Command. The President of India is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces. The Indian Armed Forces are under the management of the Ministry of Defense (MoD), which is led by the Union Cabinet Minister of Defense. As of 2010, the IAF have strength of 1.32 million active personnel and 1.15 million reserve personnel. In addition there were 2.28 million paramilitary personnel. Making the IAF one of the world's largest military forces. The Indian defense budget was US$36.03 billion during FY2011, at about 1.83% of GDP with additional spending on infrastructure in border areas and for paramilitary organizations. The Indian armed forces are undergoing rapid modernization with investments in such areas as a missile defense system and a nuclear triad India's arsenal includes nuclear weapons with a triad of delivery mechanisms. In 2010, India was the world’s accounting for 9% of global imports and ranked among the top thirty in arms export. Israel, Russia and the United States are the primary suppliers to India's armed forces. The country’s capital expenditure for defense equipment may reach US$112 billion between 2010 and 2016.Since 1962, the IAF has maintained close military relations with Russia, including cooperative development on programs such as the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) and the Multirole Transport Aircraft (MTA). As of 2011, the major military operations of the Indian armed forces have included the Indo-Pakistani wars of 1947, 1965 and 1971, the Sino-Indian War, the 1987 Sino-Indian skirmish,...

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