Defeated Muslim Ummah

Topics: Islam, Muhammad, Human rights Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: September 10, 2013


Hazrat Adam (A.S) was first man who came to earth. Later On generation continued, some people worshiped ALLAH so called Muslim while other called non-muslim. Non Muslim started to worship clouds, rocks, mountains, elephant, in short those things were worshiped which used to b strange. God has sent about 1 lac 24 thousand Prophets to take the people on a right way (Siraat e Mustaqeem). But still we cant say that all have obeyed them. Now a days we muslim people are passing through a difficult life, so that we have forgotten our religion. We are doing all those things from which ALLAH and His prophet HAZRAT MOHAMMAD (SAWW) forbidden us. Infact we are going away from Quran which is the main reason for us to be a defeated ummah today. Following are some reason for muslim to be defeated in modern days.

Corrupt Rulers and No Infrastructure: Many rulers of Muslim countries are content to deprive their people of modern infrastructure and development. They prefer to hoard the money their people give them to build palaces and repressive armies to protect those palaces. As a result, many of the necessary infrastructural and developmental changes which should have happened never occurred. One of the main results of the corrupt governments has been the instability of many Muslim-majority countries.

Regional Disunity: Muslims have gone to war with each other at numerous times and in numerous places. Nearly every border in the Arab World has played host to a military engagement of some type. The Arab World  has never had anything even close to the European Union or the Schengen Border Agreement (forget the Muslim World). (The Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Conference are much more like the United Nations and have no superstate components.) Although Muslims, as individuals, may feel connected across borders, like those...
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