Deer of Providencia

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  • Published : September 15, 2008
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The story “The Deer at Providencia” begins with four North Americans in the jungle of Ecuador. Three of the other North Americans are metropolitan men; our narrator is the only female in the group. As they made their way from riverside villages to the next, they came across a village called Providencia. There they saw an “awful” sight, a poor helpless deer tied to a tree. Its limbs caught in the noose around its neck. Its malnutrition body limped on the ground. The deer was caught just earlier that morning, and would be prepared for dinner that night. For fifteen minutes the travelers and village people watched as the “poor” animal thrashed for its life, trying to free itself, without success, the travelers proceeded to eat lunch. Here they were given a type of stew of meat in shreds and rice. When our narrator asked what kind of deer was tied to the tree, she was answered “Gama.” They were also told that the stew they were eating was Gama as well. The narrator went on to say that the meat was very good, and was surprised by the tenderness of the meat. The three men were surprised by how our narrator was able to watch the “awful” event earlier that day without making an expression. The story then switched, and our narrator is now at home. As she combs her hair in front of the mirror there is a photograph from a newspaper taped to her mirror. It reads “Alan McDonald in Miami hospital bed.” He was a burn victim, for the second time. He was burnt thirteen years ago by flaming gasoline. Now thirteen years later he is a burnt victim once again from gunpowder this time. Alan McDonald asked from his hospital bed “Why does God hate me?”(p714) His wife concludes to the piece with “Man, it just isn’t fair.”(p714) Unfairness happens in life, people and animals alike suffer, and that is just how life is. How you continue living is what matters. At first glance the narrator seems to be emotionally detached because she shows no emotion to the helpless....
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