Deepak Chopra

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  • Published : April 8, 2012
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Matungulu Nada mbula
Lss 300
Professor Turner

Everybody has an inner leader in them only that in some people it is more dominant than others. Leadership begins at home and in the heart. This book talks about how leaders are not born into wealth but work for it, how leaders influence people positively and ways to become a positive leader.

Deepak Chopra had a vision of peace and he was very well his book he talks about how you can start off with nothing from the bottom completely and still become a great leader. You do not have to be handed everything on silver plate, but work for what you want to achieve in your life. Leaders must be able to manifest themselves and push to achieve and be the voice people can look up to and follow. Good leader listens to what is being said and tries to act upon it. Deepak gives a scenario whereby three people show up for an interview and they are all completely different. But out of the three the first person does not listen to a word being said in the interview but is instead worrying about how to present himself in front of the CEO of the company e thinks that saying what the CEO wants to hear will get him a job unfortunately that is not the case. Leaders need to pay attention to their counterparts in order for them to succeed they cannot expect to emulate good examples when they are still not paying much attention. Deepak talks about becoming a leader is stepping out of the darkness into the light. He constantly refers to it as a soul. The soul eventually leaves the body and is a whole on its own. The same way leader is whole on their own without any help. The book talks about how leaders bring out the best in other people. A leader should motivate someone to want to become the best that they can be. Leaders should make people want to take the next step instead of settling for what they see next to them.

A Leader builds real relationships with the...
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