Deep Well Submersible Pumps Market in India

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The Pump industry in India is well established and has recorded a steady growth in the overall Indian industrial scenario. The Deep well Submersible (DWS) pump has been amongst the faster growing segments of the Indian pump industry. India’s pump makers have particular strengths in electro submersible pumps for borehole applications, agricultural pumps for irrigation, building services pumps and pumps for marine applications. These pumps combine the India's natural flair for design with a wealth of expertise in precision engineering and advanced metallurgy. India derives its strengths in deep well submersible pumps on the following bases: Self reliance displayed by the production of 100% of deep well submersible pumps and almost the entire requirement of formulations within the country. Low cost of production

Low R&D Costs
Skilled manpower
Increasing the demand of exports
Submersible Pump Market

India is one of the huge markets comprising of many manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of submersible pumps. These vendors of submersible pumps are scattered all over Indian markets nurturing the requirements of large variety of buyers for pumps, submersible who are also scattered throughout India.

India’s DW submersible Pumps market is divided sharply between two sectors: Organized and Unorganized. Market share of organized sector is 70% and the market share of unorganized is 30%. The number of organized players in India is around 50, where as the number of unorganized players are around 500. Growth rate of DW Submersible pumps industry for organized players is 10 % and for unorganized players is 6 %

So far as the market for deep well submersible pump is concerned, it had a turnover of around 475 Million USD in 2007-08(Financial Year). It has also accounted for over 650 Million USD of Exports during 2007-08. The domestic market is growing at 5-6% per annum where as the export market is growing at the rate of 22-25 percent...
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