Deep Love Between Jim and Della

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How is deep love between Jim and Della portrayed in the story The gift of the Magi?

In “The gift of the Magi”, O. Henry weaves a love story of Jim and Della. The deep love between Jim and Della touches the readers’ heart and makes unforgettable impression on the readers. It is the love of deep understanding and great sacrifice for each other.

Jim and Della love each other with the deep understanding of each other. Despite a very poor condition, the only thing dominating Jim and Della’s mind is to give a Christmas present for their sweetheart. Della had her hair cut and sold it because she “couldn’t have lived through Christmas without giving Jim a present”. At the same time, Jim sold the watch to buy Della a comb. Jim and Della share the same thought, even the same action. Their love “does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction”-the direction to make their lover feel happy. Needless to speak out, Jim knows what Della adores is a tortoiseshell comb as well as Della knows what Jim feels “Grand as the watch was, he sometimes looked at in on the sly on account of the old leather trap that he used in place of a chain”. It shows that Della and Jim’s care for the smallest thing of the one that they love. It is their love with understanding and caring that light up the “grey” Christmas, bring warmth to their life.

Above all, Jim and Della are willing to sacrifice for each other. Della sold her wonderful tresses to buy Jim a platinum chain. At the same time, Jim sold his golden watch to buy Della a tortoiseshell comb. They are willing to sacrifice their most precious thing for their most precious person. Undeniably, there is nothing as valuable as the person that they love. Their Christmas presents turn out to be useless and their action turns out to be stupid. However, Jim just said their gifts “are too nice to use just at present”. For this reason, it is true that “Love means never having to say you are...
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