Deep Economy Mckibben Essay

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  • Published: March 16, 2009
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Paper 2 ' Deep Economy 080700730
Book By Bill Mckibben
Essay by Kevin Malone
“More and better,” states Bill Mckibben ' in his national best selling book Deep Economy ' “are two birds roosting on the same branch.” Within traditional economic values these two birds could be taken out with one stone synonymously in every attempt. However, in our age of endless economic growth, expanded populations, and industrial centralization, “the greater wealth no longer make us happier.” (Mckibben, 2) Not only this, but “more” ' more money, more consumerism, more fuel ' succeeds in adding momentum to the course of environmental destruction that we, as North Americans, are responsible for putting in motion. This is the underlying metaphor throughout the novel and something to consider when weighing in your mind the practicality of Mckibben's arguments. After thorough analysis of the text it is abundantly clear that Mckibben's idea's on the gradual establishment of localized, self sustaining, durable, community-based economies in the developed world will succeed in making its peoples collectively happier, and more charitable, as well as sustaining the planets ecology and providing a positive example for developing nations.

Being a popular environmentalist and economist, it is no surprise that bill Mckibben has decided to tie these themes together into this novel. The book begins with issues surrounding the global economy and the fundamental flaws that come with it. In this opening chapter he explains his perspectives on the flaws of the money system and possible alternatives to that system. The second chapter entirely concerns the food industry. He initially bombards the reader with facts about major corporations and how they, with the help of the government, have worked to centralize food production and retail. The mood then swings from problem to solution as Mckibben embarks on a winter of “eating locally” in his home state of Vermont. From this he draws...
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