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By | March 2011
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The mysterious object I was asked to analyze totally confused me at first. However, after careful observation, and examination of the material list, I concluded that it is a blender. I divided my observation processes into four steps: observing the appearance, analyzing details, making presumptions, and explaining the details of the function of this equipment. There is very little information provided by the photograph except for a material list and the dimension. The dimensions are 12in*4in*12in. The material list contains of balsa wood, glass, white glue, clear plastic, oak, oak, brass and bacon grease. By carefully examining this equipment, I divided the object into two main parts: a square cube and a turning wheel connected by a wooden base. The square cube is positioned on the left of the wooden base. It has black wooden frame and is enclosed by four pieces of glass. According to the material list provided, the wooden frame must be made of balsa wood, and was then painted black. The glass walls were mounted to the wooden frame and then secured with white glue. The top of the cube is left open with no glass panel. However, there is a rectangular plate crossing the top of cube, and a wire loop secured by wooden bracket sitting on the rectangular plate. It seems that the wire loop is connected to a round metallic tube. I suggest that there must be a small hole in the rectangular plate that allows the metallic tube to go though it so that it can be fastened to the wire loop sitting on the bracket. There is also a small circular metal plate secured on the middle of the metallic tube. To the left of the wire loop there is a nameplate that is unreadable, and to the right of the loop there is the black

bracket with two screws that fasten it to the rectangular plate in order to secure the wire loop. Inside of the glass cube, the base is made of metal, and there is a hole that looks like it is intended for the insertion of a short pipe. The bottom of this glass...

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