Dedication: Training and Anne P. Reyes

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To my Father, whose faith in me gave me the courage to pursue my dreams and to my late mother. Also to my stepmother who became a real mother for me.

A special thanks

Preparing yourself for the On-the-Job Training may really fill your heart a nervousness with excitement and your mind a pressure, thinking that your first time on the job is at hand and could really be challenging. I am undoubtedly thankful for those people giving me the courage and insights in viewing this training as a threshold for the basic things that every worker should know when working in the office. First, to Ma’am Mercedes Belen,

Next, to Ma’am Lesley Anne P. Reyes, my boss in training. I am grateful on your way in handling things. How to handle pressure between a great volume of paper works and a criticisms from an office worker. Your long-suffering might be one of the reasons why you reach your position as an Administrative Officer I. Thank you for being such a good model. Special appreciation to many individual who taught me that an effective relationship to others is more important than being on the top. Thank you for the great moments we had during the training that really taught me a lot. My best friend, Aira Jhane Dela Cruz, my twin sister at heart. Thank you for cheering me up in every moment of trouble and lighting up your kindness when everything seems so dim. Most of all, I am thankful for my father, Agustin S. Hipe, for his support and encouragement in my endeavors. I Love You for your patience, selflessness, advices and for everything. You are the reason for all these dreams.

Responsibilities of an Office Trainee
After we were approved to start our training, they told us some of the things that we should have and we should do during the training and here are the list : a) We should have at least 8 hours (if whole day) to complete every day and 4 hours (if half day). b) We should enter the office at or before 8:00 am up to 5:00 pm. c) We should wear our school uniforms during the training except every Friday. d) We are required to wear our IDs during the training. e) If we wear civilians on Friday, it should not be sleeveless, and should not be slippers. f) If we were assigned in section, we are not allowed to be borrowed in other offices of the branch unless there is the permission from the section head. g) In our section there are 6 employees but only one of those is our boss, we are only allowed to entertain the command of other employees if the boss doesn’t have anything to instruct us to do. h) In the morning we are allowed to have at least 15 minutes break when 10 o’clock pass and another 15 minutes in the afternoon when 3 o’clock pass. i) If we are instructed id a certain work, we should finished that first before asking for another one. j) When it comes to a point that everything we do is done, we are responsible to answer all the telephone calls unlike when we were doing a certain job, answering the telephone call should be answered to the one nearest or the one who didn’t do anything. k) We should clean the working area we worked at.

Analysis of Myself
Even if how perfectly we view ourselves, there still some areas in our lives that we need to improve and below are the things I recognized the office training. a) Strength
* Silently working and focusing on the job
* I easily adjust myself in where ever environment I’m with * Sensitive
* Sense of anticipation
* L
* L
* L
* L
* L
* K
b) Weakness Improvement I did
× Pride to ask again the instrukction I accept that there times I really because they might think that I’m can’t immediately catch up the I listening inactively.instruction and need to ask it again. × When I am mistaken, I will deny it I realize...
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