Decriminalization of Prostitution

Topics: Prostitution, Decriminalization, Sex industry Pages: 4 (1298 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Prostitution has been around since the time of the early European settlers. It has been considered a social norm in many countries, while in others; it has been considered to be morally wrong and taboo. Canada, for example, has decriminalized prostitution, but the activities relating to it, such as soliciting, communicating and procuring, are illegal. Many parts of the United States have criminalized prostitution. Regulating prostitution through the state would eliminate many of the harms associated with prostitution. Also, prostitution provides a means of financial income and sexual gratification in cases where it cannot otherwise be acquired. Lastly, people have the right to work as they please, and this includes selling one’s body if they so choose. With all of this being said, the decriminalization of prostitution positively affects Canadian society, and it would likely benefit other countries which have not yet decriminalized it.

The conception that prostitution is highly dangerous is partially due to the fact that it has not been decriminalized in many places. Alarming stories of rapes, robberies and STD transmissions have lead people to believe that prostitution is an evil and harmful act. However, this ‘dark side’ of prostitution can be alleviated if prostitution is controlled and monitored. Decriminalization of prostitution will help ease the amount of people partaking in transactions in shady, unsafe areas. With regulation comes the alleviation of organized crime and underage individuals prostituting themselves. Legal prostitution between consenting adults does not pose any direct threat to themselves or society. Exploitation, abuse, diseases, and many other negative factors can be safely managed if the state treats prostitutes as real workers. Prostitutes would be protected by the state by having regular STD checks, being taxed, and being protected by a regulated system. In places where prostitution has already been decriminalized:...
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