Decorating Cakes

Topics: Cake, Icing, Confectionery Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: May 27, 2013
My Decorating Techniques
It has been a little over two years since I first started decorating cakes. I have made cakes that are themed, bon voyage cakes for individuals deployed by the Navy, beach themed cakes for 21st and 50th birthdays, and many more. I usually personalize each cake for the person receiving it, whether it is his/her name, a favorite color, a favorite animal, or a fondant figure of him/her. There are many different occasions cakes are used for and even more ways to decorate the cakes. When I decorate cakes, I tend to use fondant, sugar flowers, and sugar work.

The most used component I use for decorating cakes is fondant. Fondant is a sugar-based paste. There are two main forms of fondant. It can be a rolled fondant, which is a sweet, sugar dough that is not cooked and made up of melted marshmallows and powder sugar or shortening, corn syrup, and powder sugar. The rolled fondant can be rolled out flat and used to cover a cake, or cut into shapes. It also can be used to sculpt figures of people, animals, or any other object of the imagination. There is also a poured form of fondant, which is a creamy, sweet paste. It starts out as a liquid of melted sugar and gelatin that is poured over cakes as a coating (usually petit fours) or poured into cupcakes and candy as a filling. The filling in Cadbury Crème Eggs is actually poured fondant. The coating hardens a small amount as it cools. All fondant can be colored to any color using: paste colors, gel colors, powder colors, or airbrushed. Fondant can also be flavored with any edible extract.

Another technique I use while decorating cakes is sugar and icing flowers. Making these flowers is one of my favorite things to do because of the creativity that is at your hands while forming them. Sugar flowers are very delicate, handmade flowers from gumpaste (an edible dough made of sugar, cornstarch, and gelatin). Any flower can be formed by cutting out the shapes of the petals in the...
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