Decontamination of the Puncture Site

Topics: Isopropyl alcohol, Medical tests, Gauze Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: February 20, 2011
To provide a clean decontaminated area of the skin in which to make the needle puncture. EQUIPMENT/SUPPLIES
Commercially packaged alcohol pads or gauze pads soaked in 70% (isopropyl alcohol) •Blood culture decontamination kits/swabs (e.g., Chlorhexidine, iodine) PREPARATION
1.Identify the patient properly.
2.Wash or sanitize your hands using appropriate agents, dry them, then put on gloves. PROCEDURE
3.Once the site is selected, cleanse it with a commercially packaged alcohol pad or with a gauze pad soaked in 70% isopropanol (isopropanol alcohol). 4.Rub the site with the alcohol pad, working in concentric circles from the inside out. If the skin is particularly dirty, repeat the process with a new alcohol pad. 5.Remember to cleanse the site again if you intend to touch or palpate the site again. Allow the site to air dry or using a sterile dry gauze, wipe once in a downward motion. 6.If blood cultures are requested, additional site preparation is required. Follow your health care facility’s standard operating procedures for blood culture collections. Iodine preparations are primarily used for collecting blood for blood gas analysis and blood cultures. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for appropriate decontamination and, for some patients, iodine causes skin irritation. Again, for patients who are allergic to both iodine and/or alcohol, Chlorhexide compounds are alternative skin decontaminants with removal of excess solution using sterile saline. However, Chlorhexidine Gluconate is not recommended for infants less than two months old. For more detailed information about blood cultures, refer to Chapter 15. 7.After the site has been cleansed, reapply the tourniquet and ask the patent to “Please make a fist.” Then proceed with the venipuncture procedure.

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