Deconstruction of a Static Image

Topics: Light, Color, New York City Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: April 28, 2011
Deconstruction of a Static Image
The image that I have chosen to deconstruct is of a TV series called Blue Bloods. When you first look at the image you can see three people standing; one standing to the side and two facing us. If you look closer towards the bottom there’s a reflection of New York City. This could be the setting of the series. They use quite dark colours but we will get into more detail later. In this advertisement the first element that caught my eye were the three characters in the middle. This is because they are surrounded by a white background and outside of it is a dark blue. This creates an effect of dynamics. They use these colours to make an impact on the viewer by persuading them through mysterious colours. At the edges they use a pitch black but when it gets towards the middle it turns to a blue then a white. This shows off the uses of tones and shades to create an effect of mystery and darkness. The tones of these colours are of a dark shade which increases the dynamics of the picture in the middle. The saturation of this image has used a lot of black to create a dark feel. The background is just a plain shade of dark blue. At the bottom of the image it’s a reflection of New York City building. This is realistic because it’s graphic and can be seen nearly every day in our lives. The lighting of the image is that they use a lot of shade and shadows which creates a shadowy feel to it. In the middle of the advertisement light is used to make the middle stand out. The dark shadowy background creates a feel of darkness and crime. The colours that are used in the advertisement are black, white and a dark blue. These three colours symbolise death, evil, strength, power, peace, trust, purity and seriousness. A lot of crime series have a lot of murderers that have killed many innocent people. The ‘good guys’ use a lot of power and strength to solve the case. All different colours symbolise different emotions which can have a positive or...
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