Deconstruction of Magazine Article

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  • Topic: Regulatory Focus Theory, Persuasion, Bias
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  • Published : September 9, 2008
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Certain techniques of language and layout structures are often utilised in a variety of written media, such as magazines, books and newspapers, in order to manipulate the target audience’s opinions and beliefs. A journalist and their article’s motives can be deconstructed by considering five specific areas: the purpose and message of the article, the target audience and their susceptibility to persuasion, the language techniques being used, the bias of the article and lastly, the tone of the article and the audiences’ reactions. The article ‘Rainbows for Kate’, written by Di Webster (March 6th 2008, Marie Claire magazine), will be analysed for its construction within the boundaries of these areas. In order to persuade a certain group of people, a journalist must construct an article with a direct purpose and with a message. ‘Rainbows for Kate’ was written with the intent to inform readers of how friendship is very strong and is always with you when times get hard. The authors viewpoint is clear as every paragraph she talks about the meaning of life, love and friendship. This article is about how two friends come together from another mutual friend and discuss these three things. The ideal reader of this text would feel sympathy and understand why the writer would want to write this article. Instead of directing an article to the general public, a journalist must select a target demographic in order to successfully market the article and its ideas to a narrower, more specific group of people. ‘Rainbow for Kate’ was published in the middle of Marie Claire, spreading from page 102 – 106. As it was published in Marie Claire, this indicates that the target demographic for the article is an older group of people. More specifically, the target audience includes ambitious, kind hearted adults aged 25 and above, who enjoy life and no matter what life throughs at them they will always keep positive and take it on and all it has to offer. The target demographic is also...
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