Deconstruction of an Advertisement

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Deconstruction of an Advertisement

Each day we are inundated with thousands of advertisements which contribute to shaping and defining our world views. As a capitalist society ads are crucial to attract the attention of the consumer. They are everywhere, whether it be a billboard, a commercial or a radio announcement, advertising reaches out and touches almost everyone living in our modern world. The effectiveness of an advertisement campaign has a huge influence on the purchaser. Ads are carefully constructed to appeal to the consumer in order to sell a product and to make a profit. An effective ad appeals to the emotion of the consumer as “80% of decisions are influenced by "dormant" emotions in the subconscious.”(...) through the ingenious construction of ad campaigns a consumers purchases are greatly influenced. The CK one ad campaign for the Calvin Klein brand is an excellent of the example of the thought and assembly needed in order to create an effective advertisement. Through the deconstruction of the CK one ad found in the April 2011 issue of Elle Canada it will be shown why the ad was created, how it’s used to grab the attention of its target audiences, and the use of hidden messages and social issues that are being expressed.

The target audience of the CK One ad is clearly directed towards women as it appears in a magazine called Elle! Elle Canada has a 90% female readership (...) whose ages generally range from a younger segment to a middle segment (18 to 34 and 35 to 54). Elle Canada has a large age demographic due to the fact that their articles encompass a broad audience and the magazine contains ads that focus on the younger market as well as advertisements focusing on middle aged women. Although Elle Canada has a large readership age range, the CK One ad seems to be targeting more directly the 18-24 and 24-35 age range. The advertisement incorporates a focus on social media and a ‘rebellious’ look which is often directed towards the younger market. Young people who are still questioning authority and who are still defining themselves will see the dark eye makeup and lassiez-fair ‘detached’ attitude of the model and feel attracted to the ad. Furthermore the ads target audience is aimed towards 18-34 year olds because it uses ‘technology’ to capture the audiences attention. The model is ‘trapped’ in the CK One box and in order to get in the box, the bottom left hand corner of the ad tells you that you can “Download the App at CKONE.COM”. The ad is definitely towards the 18-34 age group because ‘getting in the CK box’ with a rebellious young woman is ridiculous notion unless you’re a young person with very little responsibility. Finally, although the spending power of the older age groups is greater (Diversity: Targeting the Ever-Changing Marketplace, p35) it is trendy to market to and advertisers remain youth obsessed.

The targeted income level for this advertisement seems to be for those from the middle-middle, or upper-middle class. Calvin Klein is an iconic American brand that is moderately expensive and is featured in respected magazines. The median income of and Elle Canada reader is around $70 000 (...) therefore is it logical to assume that Calvin Kline is directing its ads at those who are willing to spend a little more. This advertisement would also be directed towards the Emulator-Achiever or Emulator groups. Emulators are young and impressionable people who will buy products to help them fit in (Duncan, p75). Emulators would be attracted to this ad because it offers the chance to fit in and join the CK One box; all you have to do is download the app! On another note, this ad would also be directed towards Emulator-Achievers because this group feels more comfortable with uptown brands such as Tiffany, Gucci or Stella Mcarthy and Calvin Klein is a very well known and respected American Brand. This brand offers prestige and it fits in with typical ideas of American wealth.

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