Deconstruction of an Advertisement

Topics: Advertising, Japan, Sociology Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Sexy Subaru Car Wash

Sexy Sumo Car-Wash Video.flv - YouTube

Subaru puts a new Eastern satirical twist on the tradition Western sexy car wash in their advertisement for the Forrester which in place of Heidi Klum or Jessica Simpson sumo wrestlers scantily washing the new vehicle. This advertisement starts off with a dirty Forrester pulling into the car wash with seductive music playing in the background. Most audiences expect a group of supermodels in bikinis to come out and wash the car, however the elderly couple and the audience is surprised to see six sumo wrestlers come out in uniform to wash the car. The sumo wrestlers whip their rags and rub their stomachs up against the car to depict a scene of what the average sexy car wash would be like when sumo wrestlers take the place of bikini models. Give credit to Subaru for taking this substance of style approach to advertising, with the humor doing their cause no harm. What social groups is the advertisement aimed and what social groups are represented in the advertisement? This advertisement by Subaru is aimed at automobile consumers in Canada, as well as an unintentional client base which see the advertisement as an activist-like change to the way car commercials are being produced. Its humorous and non-conformist provocativeness of the ad engages a different kind of audience than the average car purchaser. There is no specific age or gender that this commercial is aimed at, and by replacing supermodels with sumo wrestlers the car is now being advertised more broadly to include women in the target market. Does the advertisement violate or reinforce social/cultural norms? By using sumo wrestlers the Japanese car company Subaru has put an eastern cultural twist to the advertisement and this contrast is meant to be satirical in nature. In traditional western advertisements particularly in the automobile industry the use...
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