Deconstruction of 4 Australian Poems

Topics: Poetry, Rhyme, Alliteration Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: August 22, 2008
Poetry is the expression of a writer’s emotions, beliefs and thoughts. It allows the reader to embrace and understand the poet’s feelings. Poetry can make the reader feel lonely, anxious, excited, isolated, worried, ecstatic, remorseful or secluded. You can feel various emotions through emotive language. Poetry opens your eyes to the views of the world, often forgotten in day to day society. This can be discovered by the deconstruction of three well known Australian poems.

You may find different emotions through ranges of emotive language. ‘The Bystander’ suggests exactly this. ‘I am the silly who looks to late,’ this relates to bringing yourself down and emotion we don’t find fond of. To show different emotions to the readers own, Rosemary Dobson uses alliteration such as ‘silly soul’ and ‘dullard dreaming’. Rhyme is also another technique in which she uses. Not usually every line does rhyme but every third line in a stanza. For most of this poem readers may not particularly relate to being a ‘bystander’ although the use of alliteration allows the reader to feel as though they are in fact a ‘bystander’.

You can discover the private world of another through poetry. ‘Drifters’ explains the world of a family that is constantly moving and travelling and have mixed views and emotions of the situation. ‘Notice how the oldest girl is close to tears,’ these words show the emotions of the oldest girl having a different view on the situation as opposed to the rest of her family. ‘Drifters’ is a 13 line poem, single stanza and in free verse. The only use of rhyme throughout the poem is where the word ‘here’ is repeated towards the end of the poem. The technique of repetition is also used throughout the poem as the word ‘here’ is repeated several times to help the reader establish that neither the older girl nor the mother want to move from ‘here’.

‘The Old Prison’ relates to the quote of ‘You meet poets who think and feel very much as you do.’ This poem allows...
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