Deconstructing Psychological Makeup of Premchand

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  • Published : August 25, 2011
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Deconstructing Psychological Makeup of Premchand
Manoj Kr. Nanda
Asstt. Professor
Deptt. of English & Communication Studies
The Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences
Bhiwani, Haryana-127021

Unlike the intellectuals of his time Premchand shared neither a deep allegiance to ‘glorious Arayan past’ nor a consequent alienation from the history of the ‘Grand Moghuls’. He wrote with an excellent psychological subtlety. By the time his works started appearing in print, Psychological Novel had been established as a genre and Hindi and Urdu as two languages were no exceptions to entry. Extraordinarily active, he produced countless letters and editorials, fourteen novels and over three hundred stories which bear a testimony to his genius. He drew inspiration from village world which became the richest subject of his best work. The terror at the possibility of disgrace, loss of face and ostracism, the shame of widowhood, the proverbial conservatism are the recurring strands in the fabric of Premchand’s portrayal of the folk life and his psychological understanding of the villagers is apparent in his works. Maupassant’s influence may be seen in Premchand’s preoccupation with the structure of his plots and trick endings but his ‘Power of A Curse’ moves past such limitations and achieves a high degree of success when measured by Western standards of that era. Influenced by Dickens, Tolstoy and Marx, Premchand seems to have directed his fiction towards psycho-social reform.

In modern literature the tendency towards depicting literature has grown so much that narratives now-a-days try not to encroach the boundaries of direct experiences and we are not content to conceive that the characters, in their psychological makeup, resemble real bipeds. A writer tries to ensure the characters are real human beings and that one has succeeded in portraying real life situations. An event or situation doesn’t leave all of us with the same...
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