Declining Milk Sales

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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US Milk Sales Declining Even Though
‘Got Milk’ Marketing Campaign is Praised
Joshua A. Stump
Bethel College
US Milk Sales Declining Even Though
‘Got Milk’ Marketing Campaign is Praised
According to a current study in Age and Aging, starting and continuing to drink milk at a young age can lead to improved physical ability and balance at an older age (“New study finds,” 2012). Because of milk’s inherent attributes of calcium, protein and vitamins A and B, milk has also been linked to bone strength, muscle strength and better eyesight, to name a few. So why have the US milk sales been slowly declining since the 1970s? A recent article on poses the same question.

People are well aware of milk’s existence. The ‘Got Milk?’ Advertising campaign was debuted in 1993 and won several awards for its ingenuity. It works wonders for getting people to think about milk, but that is only half the battle. The other half, and arguably more important, is getting them to drink it. Jonathan Baskin, the author of the article, believes this is what the dairy industry is failing to do by not compelling consumers to drink milk. “Memorable branding,” he states, “is not necessarily the same thing as compelling marketing”(Baskin, 2012). To illustrate this, Baskin offers a few ideas, including packaging innovation, partnering with companies and local sourcing.

While I believe all three of his ideas are valid, local sourcing seems like it could be very beneficial, at least for the moment. Within the past few years, buying crops locally is becoming more relevant to many people. The thought of promoting local business growth and living a healthy lifestyle drives people to buy locally. So if a local distributor could deliver these local crops and bundle it with fresh local milk, consumers would be willing to pay for the convenience, healthy lifestyle and support of local businesses; at least that is the idea.

Milk mustaches seem to be imprinted in our...
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