Decline of American Dream

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: December 15, 2012
American dream in “Great Gatsby”.

Gatsby is a hero of the novel "The Great Gatsby’’ written by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. Gatsby's fate ironically alter medieval story Quest for the Holy Grail. The difference is that his travels and exploits lead Gatsby to a tragic outcome. This story also criticizes the "American Dream." This had now degenerated into a perversion and no longer exists in the original pursuit of freedom and happiness, but the desire for wealth and power. Furthermore, aspects of the appreciation of the people, moral and social status, often addressed directly related to the inter-personal relationships and marriage picture that time. Gatsby is the first example of a man who strives to death to achieve his dream, but inevitably fails. Gatsby's dream is to attain happiness through wealth and power, so it has to go back in time and realize an old dream of love, using just wealth and power as a means to win Daisy. What Gatsby is not a dream materialistic as it sounds, but it's a dream of love driven by nostalgia. When the other characters talk about Gatsby and his past, we realize that no one really knows who he is, and how it got to earn much money. We hear a lot of gossip, a lot of half truths about him, the only certainty is that it is not an honest man, and that is somehow linked to the underworld. A native of North Dakota, James Gatz, the son of poor farmers- failures invented a Jay Gatsby in full accordance with the tastes and notions of seventeen boys and stayed true to this fiction to the end" One day he came on board a luxury yacht, the splendour of which so struck the imagination farmer's son, he vowed to become as rich as yacht owner. Another momentous event in his youth was the passion of a young aristocrat Daisy. Instilling a love for the "beautiful lady", he decides to tit devoted his life to the attainment of wealth, fame and worldly heart Daisy. James Gatz: that was his real name, or at least the legal one. He...
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