Decline and Fall of Romanovs

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  • Published : July 24, 2011
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The Decline and Fall of the Romanov Dynasty was directly impacted buy social, economic and political issues and grievances throughout the 19th and 20th century. Political Issues included the autocratic rulership, revolutionary trend, the political ineptitude of Tsar Nicholas II and the problems that arose from these. Social issues included effect of political rule and repression, …. TBC

The autocratic rule that dominated the 300 year old dynasty was also a key factor in its destruction; the social unrest, clamour for political reform, backwardness of the Russian economy and the lack of reforms were all created by the Tsarist regime. The Romanov family ruled with an iron fist and used brutal violence to control its subjects. The repressive policies such as Russification and lack of effective reforms prevented the modernisation of the social and political aspects of the nation. Autocratic rulers promoted the feudalistic style class system which created extreme poverty in the lower classes and gave the people no political power. The introduction of ideas of liberty and an elected government into Russian society, contributed to the creation of revolutionary groups that aimed to overthrow the autocratic rulers and establish more liberal governments. This was first seen with the attempted political coup of the Decembrists that ultimately failed, however they were significant as the introduced a revolutionary trend and liberal views to the people. With the introduction of liberal views and equality, the people began to show their anger and frustration, caused by the Romanovs, through protests and revolutions, of which ultimately ended the Romanov Dynasty. The style of autocratic rulership is a key factor that impacted the fall of the Romanovs primarily because of the social issues it created.

The autocratic rulership and repressive policies promoted the feudalistic style class system and prevented societal advancements throughout Russia. The world was entering a period of social enlightenment with civil rights and equality becoming a major concern, however the treatment of its citizens was not a priority of the Russia autocrats. The societal structure consisted of: the nobility who comprised of around 1% of the population, the small but growing working class and the peasants who consisted 90% of the population. The nobility lived in extreme and owned around 25% of all Russian land, the working class were poor had horrific living and working conditions while the peasantry lived in even more desolate conditions and faced starvation everyday. This created great unrest which lead to events such as the 1905 revolution and the mass workers strikes and protests. The working class, who were of growing importance and size, joined together to form the first Soviets or unions, these Soviets gained strength while the industries grew and were lead by the Bolsheviks; the revolutionary group that overthrew the Romanovs. The societal structure was a key factor that lead to the people of Russia wanting political reforms and thus a critical social issue that contributed to the downfall of the Romanovs. The importance of the societal structure is reflected through the effect it had on the people and their actions to achieve liberty and equality.

The Tsar Nicholas II was a strong believer in autocracy but lacked the strength and competence in all social, political, economic and military matters to manage such a large and diverse nation. He was a young ruler and through his inability to address the problems of Russia he was the last. His stubborn nature meant that he was reluctant to make concessions to the people and his lack of reforms contributed to widespread social unrest and poor political poor decision making and leadership also lead the disastrous outcomes of key events. One such was his handling of the Russo – Japanese War, of which he predicted to be short and victorious that would stabilise his authority, in turn almost destroyed...
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