Declaration of Womens Freedom Speech

Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Violence Pages: 1 (469 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Declaration of Women’s Physical Freedom
As many know and tend to ignore women are in many physical ways seen as being the property of men. It is necessary to break the binds that ensure women as men’s physical slaves. Women are abused, raped and held captive in a man’s world and we must change this world. This is an announcement of women’s physical freedom, before it is too late and women are considered slaves. Women have the same rights as men and should not be subjected to this ridicule and abuse from men. They are entitled to have control of their bodies and actions and should not be silenced by men. Many women undergo years of abuse and are forced into silence and slavery by men who see themselves as superior. It is for this reason that I write the declaration of women’s physical freedom, women are entitled to and deserve the right to control what power men have over them and their bodies. Women are sexually abused by men who feel superior to them and control their bodies and lives every day. Women are raped everyday by those men who feel the need to control them. Women undergo domestic abuse everyday from men who do not see their purpose. Women are subjected to many violent encounters with men craving power and the need to satisfy themselves. Women are treated like dirt by men who have had it pressed into their minds that women are property and not human beings. Women are demeaned as inferior objects that are to be controlled and possessed by men. Women are violated physically and mentally by men who have gained power due to the lack of respect. Women are brutally murdered in fits of rage by men who are angry at life and see women as objects to take their anger out on. Women are now in our society, seen as slaves to men and their every desire no matter how grotesque and monstrous their desires may be. I propose that we take immediate action and put an end to this immorality that has appeared in our society. We must stop this violence by any means necessary;...
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