Declaration of Independence Breakdown

Topics: United States, Colony, Washington, D.C. Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Paragraph summaries:
1: Jefferson states that America is at its time to become separated from England. 2: Jefferson then list certain rights that the people should obtain and how the King is harming America. 3: Jefferson believes that the King is not obeying the laws that were specified mainly for him. 4: The King does not let the Parliament to pass laws without his consent. 5: The King only pass laws to those worthy of it.

6: The meetings that the King set up are to weaken American consent on laws. 7:The King closed the Representative House to prevent any actions that does not agree with him 8: The King does not want any Americans to be elected, leaving the colonies in a weakened state 9: The King wants to limit the population in America.

10: The King refused to establish a judiciary branch.
11: The judges' choice is based on the King's consent.
12: The King closed down many new business and sent soldiers to America. 13: Soldiers are in America without the colonies consent.
14: The soldiers were superior against the colonist.
15: The King does not care about the laws established there. 16: The King had put his soldiers to house in the colonists' house. 17: The soldiers are protected by false trials.
18: American trade is cut off.
19: No taxation without representation.
20: The trials did not benefit the colonists.
21: Americans were taken to Britain just to be found guilty. 22: America is in a state of tyranny from the King.
23: The charters, laws, and government were changed by the King. 24: Legislature was abolished and replaced by Britain's legislature. 25: The King abolished the government in America and declared war. 26: The King made lives in America terrible and chaotic.

27: By sending many soldiers in America, America is getting worse. 28: The King jailed many colonists in Britain who will eventually die. 29: The King has made several reactions towards the riots in America. 30: Jefferson wrote that the King has no right to rule America the...
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