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Declaration of Sentiment and Resolution
In Declaration of Sentiment and Resolution, Elizabeth Cady Stanton states “The history of mankind is a history of repeated injuries and usurpation on the part of men towards women having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over her” (Stanton, 1). Gender inequality is a well known issue that has existed in all countries around the word. For instance, in the past women did not have the rights to seek education and occupation, top take part in public and economic events or to own property. As for Elizabeth Cady Stanton all differences were made. This difference gave the society a chance in improving. This essay will discuss the many ways in which men and women were treated differently.

Firstly women are entitled to their beliefs and needs such as education. Women now have an opportunity to be educated. Before women duty was only housekeeping. Men feel like women shouldn’t be educated. Their only responsibility was housekeeping. In the book women in the Middle East by Ramsey Harik and Elsa Martson stated how females are convinced to withhold education and forced to perform housekeeping task as their only responsibilities. “The girl will spend her life cooking and having babies (Harik and Martson, 24). Now that women are able to educate themselves they can improve the way they reason, communicate, handle problems and overcome the odds. They no longer have to stay ignorant. Women can now educate themselves and still does housekeeping work. An educated woman now has equality and freedom. Educated women are now enlighten, encourage and can fight for their independence.

Educated women now have an opportunity to seek employment. This wouldn’t be if they weren’t granted education. In the some countries a girl child is not treated equal as boys because of gender inequality. Before women were denied education and saddled with the responsibility of household chores while her brother was able to go out and...
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