Decision to Study for Ged

Topics: High school, Management, High school diploma Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: November 5, 2011
October 31, 2011
Why have you decided to study for the High School Diploma? Explain your decision and what you hope to gain by it. Be sure to give examples and be specific I decided to study for my High School Diploma because I want a better future with a promising outlook. I made this decision in hopes of becoming a viable applicant in the workforce and to prepare for college. My primary reasons for studying for my high school diploma include but are not limited to: become more competitive in the workforce, pursue my dreams and ambitions of become a business consultant in Human Resources, attend college, and overcome fear. 1The decision to study for my high school diploma was made several years ago however; I allowed fear to become my comfort zone. I made several excuses why the timing wasn’t right. For years I procrastinated about studying for my diploma. And for years I have been passed over for opportunities in the workforce while allowing fear to consume me. However, I finally realized I needed to move forward and no longer allow fear to control my future. Obtaining a high school diploma will enable to pursue my ambition to become a business consultant in the field of Human Resources. Although I have worked in this area for years, I have not been able to move forward due to lack of education. I enjoy working in Human Resources (particularly talent and retention). I feel that additional education will be an asset for better opportunities. Research shows most jobs in this field require a higher level of education. I also plan to enroll in college and study for a degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Human Resources. Upon completion of my degree, I plan to open a consulting business that specializes in Talent Management (talent and retention). Now that this chapter is closing in my life, my hope is to regain confidence, apply for open opportunities, enroll in college as well as pursue dreams and ambitions of being a business...
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