Decision-Making Process Paper

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  • Published : August 28, 2011
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Decision-Making Process Paper

One of the decision l had to make was relocating to the US from London.

Before l made the change to move here l had come here a couple of times for a visit and the first time l came here l did not like and couple not wait to go back home but then while l was there and back at work l started missing the fun l had here and the fact that it was a different feeling and a different weather, the store are different life a was a lot different from living on London. When l came here the second time for another visit l then fell in love with the city and l started thinking about l might want to move here and live here as well, l thought about where l was going to stay but that was not a problem, my sister was here and that’s who l stayed with whenever l come over and l had a some to stay if and when l want to come At the end of my visit l start thinking l really don’t want to go back and was starting to miss the city and the way thing are here so on the plan ride back home l made up my mind that l was going to relocate here from London, so when l got home and started making plans to move here started giving my things to some friends, l moved out of where l was staying and moved in with a friend for a couple of months, l was a single man and had no one else to talk to about moving here, but l did talk to my mother about my decision and she said if that’s what l want to do then that’s fine as long as l am happy doing that she is happy as well and that was all l needed to hear from the one person that matters the most to me. My decision process making process was similar to the one Anne Mulcahy made when she took over at Xerox in order for them to remain in business and stop the down slid they were going and make a better decision and get them back on track she had to make some changes she was making good decisions to make the company better and l have to make that decision in order for me to make a different life for me in another country...
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