Decision Making Process Paper

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  • Published : August 27, 2012
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Decision Making Process Paper
On a daily basis I feel as if I am always making a personal or professional decision that can determine a lot of consequences in my life, the most recent decision I made was to go back to school and pursue my Bachelors degree. I currently finished my Associates in Finance but due to major work issues I could not find the time to return to school for my Bachelors degree. When making that decision to enroll back into school for my Bachelors Degree it took a lot for me to think about. My first step in the decision process was of course the financial aspect of it all; I had used up all my tuition reimbursement through my company and had to now rely on only student loans and financial aid to allow me to continue. I still owe money on my previous loans because my company didn’t cover everything so I was hesitant to add more debt to my records. The next step for me was trying to see if there was other possible ways for me to borrow the money from a relative or friend but that idea fell short. I then decided that I will apply for the loans and aid because I would keep telling myself that with a degree I would have the chance to advance in my work field. According to Bateman “Decision makers should presume that things will not go smoothly during implementation”, I totally knew that there was going to be a few bump in the roads but I was willing to hustle and work through it. Work has been extra busy lately and trying to balance the two can become very stressful and I don’t want it to affect my grades or job functions. The only thing that keeps me motivated to continue with my education is to better my position in life and in the job field plus I can’t preach to my child that they must go to college if I didn’t do it. The similarities in my process of decision making and the one in the text are almost identical, I had to identify that I needed to complete my Bachelors in order to advance in my job field. I also needed to identify that I...
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