Decision Making Process

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  • Published : May 15, 2012
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Decision-Making Process
James Polmanteer
MGT 2230 – Edgar J. Schroeder
March 21, 2012

The goal of this paper is to analyze my own decision-making process and learn how is may align with some of the decision-making steps defined by Bateman and Snell (2011). The analysis will look at the steps that I used during a recent professional decision to change jobs. First I will describe each step of my decision-making process. Next I will compare how similar my decision-making process was to the six steps described by Bateman and Snell (2011). Finally, I will analyze how my decision may have been different had I used the same decision-making steps defined by Bateman and Snell (2011). Background

The first step in my decision making process was to identify differences between my present position and a new job. The second step was to compare the positive, and the negative aspects between the positions. The third step was to weigh the consequences of changing jobs. The fourth step I used was to choose to change jobs. The fifth step was to apply and interview for a new job and after a couple of months the last step was to evaluate step how satisfied I was with the new position compared to my satisfaction level with the previous position. After writing down the steps that I used while making a decision to change jobs I found that I had identified six main steps in my decision-making process. Bateman and Snell (2011, p. 89) describes an ideal decision-making process that involves identifying and diagnosing a problem, formulating alternative solutions, evaluating the alternatives, making a choice, implementation, and evaluating the decision. I had no prior knowledge about the six stages of an ideal decision-making process. However, I believe that my own decision-making process mirrors the six stages defined by Batman and Snell (2011) with one caveat. During my decision-making process I solicited input from my wife...
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