Decision Making Model

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  • Published : January 29, 2006
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There are many decisions that people make in life; however, the effort that goes into the decision shows the quality. So how does one make sound choices and good decisions, and what tools are available to aid in the decision making process? In the following are some decision-making models such as rational, political, process, garbage can, and the seven-step process. Provided is an example on how the seven-step process when applied in choosing a career path enable good sound decisions. One methods of critical thinking is the Rational. This process uses a logical, chronological methodology, based off pre set goals and objectives and finding numerous solutions, choosing the one that best fits the objectives. This is a very simple model; however, it assumes that there will be no biases. The rational model is the baseline against which other models are compared (Allison, 1971; Cheshire & Feroz, 1989; Lyles & Thomas, 1988). A second method is Political, which is more common in business situations. In this method, the decision maker may have multiple people working on a project. Each player may have a different agenda or solution and all will pitch their idea to the decision maker. The decision makers will chose the solution he feels would correct the problem. This method commonly has less conflict because players usually follow the decisions once a leader makes a decision. More specifically, this process involves each decision-maker trying to sway powerful people within the situation to adopt his or her viewpoint and influence the remaining decision-makers (Allison, 1971; Cheshire & Feroz, 1989; Lyles & Thomas, 1988; Schneider). In contrast to the political model, the third basic model of decision making is more structured. This model is the process model. With the process model, decisions are made based upon standard operating procedures, or pre-established guidelines within the organization. Actions and behaviors occur in accordance with these procedures or...
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