Decision Making Case Study

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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Decision Making Case Study
Managing in Today's Health Care Organizations
Instructor: Darlene Cantu
Camille F. Fuller

Decision Making Case Study
Health care is one of the largest growing industries in the country. Technology and medical advancements attribute to the constant changes in the health care industry. The economy also continues to change, and with the changing economy health care cost continue to rise. Companies across the nation have either closed or moved to other countries. El Paso County Clinic is struggling to keep the doors open. Buduget cuts have affected the clinic tremendously. The El Paso County Clinic’s budget has been cut by 15%. The population affected by the budget cuts are Medicaid recepients. Medicaid recepients have a two-fold problem; reduction of benefits, and the reduction of services at the clinic. El Paso County Clinic’s recent budget cuts will force the administration to reduce and eliminate services. The El Paso County Clinic must address the current budget cuts by reducing, and or eliminating services, and continue to provide quality health care. The El Paso County Clinic has appointed a team to address the budget cut issues. The team will use the Informed Decision Toolbox to decide what is best for the clinic and the clients. The first step is to frame the question. The team will gather necessary information and frame questions regarding which services to eliminate, and which services to reduce. In framing these questions the specifics must be stated. What are the most utilized services in the clinic? How will service cuts and elimination affect the clients? What services can be outsourced to other facilities that accept Medicaid? Can lab test, and or raidology be outsourced? Are there any jobs that can be combined without affecting quality services to the clients? Specific questions pertaining to nonessential personnel. Can the custodial personel be downsized? Do the Medicaid recipients of the clinic have other...
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