Decision Making and Favorite Poem

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Many of the poems were studied were cheerful and funny and many told tails of sorrow and disappointment. One thing for sure is that many were good, and many were bad. My third favorite poem out of the sixteen we studied was “Song” by Garcia Lorca. “Song” tells a story of a woman who is content and blissful in the state she is in, and needs nothing more to fulfill herself. My second favorite was “Ordinance On Lining Up” which is a poem about choices, and the many we have to face in out lives. My absloute favorite poem we studied was “The stone” The way Wilfrid Wilson Gibson tells about the sorrow a woman goes through after the loss of her loved one is unmatched by anyone else.

My third and final favorite poem was “Song” by Garcia Lorca. “Song” tells of “The girl of beautiful face” who “goes gathering olives”. The way Lorica paints a picture of content in the girl is what strikes me most about this poem. Many eligible men come by to take her away to their country. “Four ride's...on Andalusian ponies [say] come to Córdoba, lass”. But “the girl pays no heed”. Man after man comes to bring her home but she does not accept. This is because she is happy where she is, and she does not need anyone to make her feel content. I also liked the way the author uses personification, he writes “with gray arm of the wind encircling her waist”. Here he implies that the wind can grab the girls waist, when in fact that is not true. The author also uses free verse because there are no patterns in his writing. His writing sounds more like a paragraph then a poem to me.

My second favorite poem was “Ordinance On lining Up” by Naomi Lazard. This is due to the message behind Lazard's words. I believe that the author's message in the poem is that people have to make many life altering changes in their life. Each decision, a metaphorical “path” they have to take, each have their perks and each have their downfalls. An example of this is “In joining the line to the...
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