Decision Making Analysis

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  • Published: November 17, 2012
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There are many types of decision analysis that can be used for decision making. Different decision making can be conducted to predict future outcome. It is used for many purposes in order to achieve certain objectives. These will give accurate prediction or to prove the target set up by organization either it is achieved or not. In our case study, we would like to review our case study based on the different situation and how the implementation of decision analysis took place. After reviewing the case study, we would like to conclude based on three different case studies. The contributions related to decision analysis from the case studies will also be explained in last of our discussion .It will give society more understanding and appreciate the knowledge that will benefits society in the current and future. For our case study number one will explain on the Decision Support Framework (DSF) that uses system-based approaches and decision science that will enable society to make decision. This decision analysis will revealed on definition, steps required making decision, how web based is used and others related to it. Meanwhile, case study number two will be focusing on the implementation decision analysis in the operations such as operation in the area of energy, followed by manufacturing and services, in medical, military and lastly general areas. This will brief more on suitable applications used in different areas in order to achieve the desire result and minimizing unpleasant risk. Lastly, the case study number three will explained on problem structuring for Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Intervention. It is about the methodology to support decision making which involved multiple objectives that have to be pursued. In this case study it will give steps involved, main problem faced by decision analysis, structuring tools that available for decision analyst in deploying effective MCDA interventions, and others related to the case study also will...
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