Decision Making

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Risk Pages: 3 (709 words) Published: October 30, 2011
Approaches to Decision Making Paper
Ericka Shryock
Axia College

I have chosen to write my paper on Scenario 2. Nursing homes do need to be kept at low risk for infections because the elderly have a low immune system and are unable to fight infection off like someone of a younger age could. There are so many times that you go into nursing homes and see that sometimes the elderly are not taken care of the way they should be. I have worked in this field and I have seen it. In this case the nursing administrators are having a meeting to discuss possible ways to reduce infection at their facility. I think this is a great thing since they have been having high infection rates.

First the administrators need to find out why and how the infection is spreading. This may be a difficult task but it has to be done because you cannot control the issue until you find out the cause. They also maybe need to figure out their budget and see if maybe they would be able to hire another infection officer maybe even two. Depending on how big this facility is they may even need more than 3 officers working in the building that is why they need to figure out their budget. The infection could be spreading because maybe the patients are not getting the care they need so they need to make sure that everyone is doing their job. The administrators need to make sure the patients are getting their medicine and if they get sick make sure they get the medical attention they require.

These types of decisions are better made in a group than from an individual because with a group everyone can have an opinion and someone may have a good idea on how to solve the problem. If an individual just made the decisions the other workers may not find out the information they need to know about helping the infection rates go down. Also individual decisions could end up being the wrong decision and could cause more harm than help. This is because they are trying to figure it all out...
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